In these devastating times, IDF Europe stands united with the people of Ukraine and calls for a peaceful and swift resolution to the conflict

09 March 2022

Access to medicines and healthcare is a human right and the provision of life-saving humanitarian relief must be guaranteed. We commend the resolve of healthcare professionnals and people living with diabetes in Ukraine as well as those who have had to seek refuge in other countries.

 We are deeply impressed with their commitment to ensure continuity of care and access to insulin, other diabetes medications and supplies to all in need. It is thanks to them that the international diabetes community can unite to address the most urgent needs.  We also thank the many associations across Europe which have offered their support and member associations in neighbouring countries, including Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia, which are actively engaged in organising and coordinating support for Ukrainian refugees living with diabetes arriving in their country.  The solidarity network that has been set up since the very first day of the conflict is an inspiration to all of us.

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