International Youth Day 2022: Using Intergenerational Solidarity to Create a World for People of all Ages Living with Diabetes

12 August 2022

August 12 marks International Youth Day. At IDF Europe, we want to take this opportunity not only to acknowledge all of our youth members and advocates, but also to raise awareness about age stigmatisation associated with diabetes.

This year’s theme “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for all Ages” is especially significant in diabetes management and access to care, since systemic issues linked to ageism can hinder adequate access to diabetes care for many people. To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN in the area of diabetes, solidarity and mutual understanding across all generations are key.

In order to raise awareness of this important topic, we asked our youth members to contribute their thoughts on the following topics:

1. Diabetes care in their respective countries and how care differs by generation
2. What changes they hope to see for people living with diabetes
3. How their advocacy work can create a world for all ages

Check out their responses below: