Joint paper – Digital Health, sharing IDF Europe’s vision and recommendations

24 June 2019

IDF Europe, together with 27 intenational organisations, released on 24 June 2019 a Joint paper on Digital Health. The paper, led by Health First Europe (HFE), collects HFE’s reflections on digitalisation of care, the opportunities existing technologies can offer and the barriers to overcome for their implementation. Specifically, the document reflects the vision of HFE members:

HFE Digital4Care paper cover

  • Main priority areas for EU actions on digital health
  • Existing digital solutions & data sharing practices to be implemented across Europe
  • Benefits of digital health & health data sharing
  • Barriers for the uptake of digital solutions
  • Our recommendations to national and EU policymakers

IDF Europe is a member of HFE. Our former Regional Manager voiced IDF Europe’s vision on Digital Health contributing to the video campaign #Digital4Care, released together with the Joint paper

IDF Europe’s contributions

Watch and listen to IDF Europe’s:

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