MEP Francis Zammit Dimech strengthening collaboration with IDF Europe

30 April 2019
Regional manager with MEP Zammit Dimech 2 1
MEP Francis Zammit Dimech and IDF Europe Regional Manager, Ignacio Garamendi

IDF Europe staff met with MEP Francis Zammit Dimech (Malta) in March to discuss further support and collaboration with IDF Europe.

During the meeting, Dimech and IDF Europe Regional Manager Ignacio Garamendi adressed some of IDF Europe’s priorities, including innovation and research, access to improved diabetes care, and diabetes registries. Garamendi stressed the need to have reliable data on diabetes across the EU and the importance of a concerted effort in terms of data collection. Dimech agreed and expressed that data was also crucial for policy makers to take concrete actions based on scientific data and to devise policies accordingly.

Dimech committed himself to stregthening collaboration and support for IDF Europe’s work in the framework of EU public health if he is re-elected in the upcoming European Parliament elections (22–26 May).

“Diabetes will remain one of my top priorities at the European Parliament,” said Dimech. “Over the past years, I have made no less than five appeals to the government to support diabetes patients and their families. I have also raised their concerns at EU level.”

Dimech hosted IDF Europe’s World Diabetes Day in 2018. Learn more about our collaboration here.