On March 16-17, IDF Europe held its first T2D Meeting in Brussels

10 April 2024

In 2022, IDF Europe launched a platform of people living with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) interested in representing the voice of PwD in advocacy initiatives as well as through participation in other projects.

On March 16-17, IDF Europe held a Summit in Brussels with the current members of the platform and other people living with T2D who are interested in joining the community. Some 35 people from all over Europe and all walks of life joined the event and showed great enthusiasm for the opportunity to engage and share their personal experience with people living with the same condition.

The T2D Summit was the first of its kind and generated inspiring and insightful discussions on the barriers to T2D engagement in advocacy, on the opportunities for creating synergies at national and European levels and on the skills necessary to become strong diabetes advocates.

IDF Europe will continue to work on expanding and strengthening the T2D Platform and looks forward to continuing engaging with all those who attended the Summit.