Preventing Diabetes: sugar test and lunchtime info-session at the European Commission

14 May 2019

IDF Europe organised various awareness-raising activities in the European Commission (DG TAXUD) on Friday 17 May. The event, which focused on Type 2 Diabetes prevention, consisted of an info-session on the Role of Physical Exercise to Prevent and Manage Diabetes and an exhibition area where Blood Glucose Tests were offered to more than 120 members of the DG TAXUD staff. 

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Professional officer Dr Ernest Karuranga and Policy and Projects Officer Winne Ko explain how to prevent diabetes at the hal og DG Taxud (European Commission) Ms Viviane De Laveleye and Winne Ko making Blood Glucose tests to DG Taxud  staff


In Europe, 1 in 11 adults have diabetes and over 1/3 of diabetes cases have not been diagnosed , putting people at a higher risk of developing harmful and costly complications. During the info session, our Policy and Projects Officer, Winne Ko, explained what diabetes is and why a balanced diet together with physical activity are very important to prevent Type 2 Diabetes, the most common type of diabetes, accounting for around 90% of all diabetes cases.

The session was also an opportunity to confront myths related to diabetes. Our Professional Officer, Dr Ernest Karuranga, clarified misunderstandings and answered many questions asked by the 20 members or so of the staff participating in the info session.  

IMG 20190517 124202 OK
Info -session: Role of Physical Exercise to Prevent and Manage Diabetes

IDF Europe will continue to organise these awareness activities in the EU institutions in the course of this year.  Next one will take place on 4 October in the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission. Also, on the occassion of the World Diabetes Month, 3 more similar sessions will take place in 3 other bodies of the European Commission, apart from our traditional World Diabetes Day activities taking place in the European Parliament. 

Learn more on our info session looking at our presentation