The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is conducting a survey on biosimilar medicines and information on them

28 May 2024

A biosimilar medicine is a biological medicine highly similar to another already approved biological medicine whose patent has expired. Biosimilar medicines can help increase patients’ access to biological therapies, but their uptake varies greatly between and within EU countries.  

Biosimilars may also play a role in the treatment of diabetes, as several biosimilar insulins could allow greater access to insulin and increase cost savings.  It is however critical both for healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes to have the right information to guide their choices.  

EMA and national authorities are working to provide clear and understandable information on biosimilars in their own language. A working group is currently developing an information toolkit on biosimilars, which will be aimed at patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. 

To help shape this toolkit, EMA would like to hear what patient representatives think about existing information materials including the statement on interchangeability of biosimilars, and whether there are any information gaps. The goal of the survey is to understand and improve how biosimilar medicines are explained to the public. 

 EMA needs patient representatives and individuals at national level who are familiar with the biosimilar policies of their country and know the information needs of patients. The survey is available in English and anonymous. The survey takes 10-15 minutes to fill out and the deadline is June 3rd.