The IDF Europe Centenary of Insulin Innovation Prize (2021-2023)

01 October 2021

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, IDF Europe will award the IDF Europe Centenary of Insulin Innovation Prize, supported by Lilly Diabetes. This award recognises an individual, community-based or not-for-profit organisation, or a start up that has come up with an innovative approach/initiative to support people living with diabetes, their relatives and/or healthcare professionals.

The award honours innovation in the areas of diabetes education, support, and advocacy.

The objective of this award are:

– To support the promotion of a culture of innovation for people living with diabetes;
– To identify, share and build upon innovative approaches/practices/strategies that help improve education and support better control/management of diabetes;
– To inspire and promote engagement of all stakeholders.

To know more about how to apply, click here.

Deadline for application: December 31, 2021.

The application form can be downloaded here. If you wish to receive a Word version of the application form, contact us at [email protected]

IDF Europe Centenary of Insulin Innovation Prize in partnership with Lilly Diabetes