The Slovenian Diabetes Association supports the type 1 diabetes team participating in the Tour of Slovenia

24 June 2019
Alojz Rudolf Vassili Davidenko Vid Debeljak in Zdenka Čebašek Travnik
Vice-president of the Slovenian Diabetes Association Alojz Rudolf together
with Vassili Davidenko, Vid Debeljak in Zdenka Čebašek Travnik

The Slovenian Diabetes Association officially supported the Type 1 diabetes team, which participated for the first time in the Tour of Slovenia cycling race on June 19-23.

Our Slovenian member organised, together with the Medical Chamber of Slovenia representative Dr. Zdenka Čebašek Travnik, a press conference on June 18 to introduce the Type 1 athletes participating in the race.

The Tour of Slovenia is the largest cycling event in the country. The Slovenian Diabetes Association campaign’s objective was for the team to complete the race (808.5km) and donate the same amount of money to an association for children with diabetes.

The Slovenian Diabetes Association is happy to share that the the objective was largely exceeded: during the five days of the race, cyclists rode 5415 km.

This Slovenian Diabetes campaign, which featured on Twitter (#Donatekilometers) was very successful. It was covered in 42 online media channels, seven print newspapers, four TV channels, as well as on the radio. All these media channels together reached a total audience of more than 1 million people.

This shows that diabetes is not an obstacle to leading a normal life and participating in all types of sporting activities. All the team competitors have type 1 diabetes, and their dream – to become professional cyclists – have all come true.

Slovenian people reach 5.415 km for public awarness