World Heart Day 2023 – A Conversation on CVD and Diabetes

02 October 2023

On the occasion of World Heart Day, on September 29, we highlighted the importance of understanding how CVD and diabetes are related.

Despite the fact that PwD are two to three times more likely to develop CVD than people without diabetes, many of them are not aware of this increased risk. This results in CVD being the most prevalent cause of death in PwD and leading to higher healthcare costs.

Empowering PwD by providing them with better information about heart health and with the tools for managing their risk factors and understanding CVD symptoms is thus key to tackling this issue.

To raise awareness of the importance of knowledge and education for improving the lives of PwD who are at risk of developing or already have CVD, we published a video conversation in which two PwD and two HCPs shared their perspectives on the topic.

We wish to thank Ana Maria Alvarez Pagola, Erik Werson, Kostantinos Makrilakis and Tatjana Milenkovic for their precious contribution to the campaign.