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Azerbaijan Diabetes Society was established in 1995 during the hard transitional period when the situation with diabetes in the country was critical.


The Azerbaijan Diabetes Society was established in 1995. Its activities aim to:

  • Protect of rights of people with diabetes.
  • Improve the quality of life of people with diabetes.
  • Harmonise national diabetes care with international standards.
  • Raise public awareness around diabetes issues.

Main Focus

  • Generating initiatives on public monitoring of the implementation of national diabetes plans, international commitments;
  • Providing social protection, medical, legal, psychological assistance
  • Improving diabetes management and prevention through diabetes education
  • Acting as advocates for the rights of people with diabetes


ADS in cooperation with the Public Health and Reforms Centre of the Ministry of Health has implemented the WDF project “Establishment of Diabetes Schools in Azerbaijan.” Seven schools have been created which are well equipped. Medical doctors and nurses have been trained and training materials have been developed.

For World Diabetes Day, the association organises the lighting in blue of iconic buildings, conferences with the UN agencies and press conferences.

Message from the President

Dr Mominat Omarova “As a member of IDF, ADS has pursued the policy of improving the quality of life of people with diabetes, through compliance with the vision and strategy of IDF. Having initiated the adoption of a Law on Diabetes, followed by a National Diabetes Plan, ADS achieved an increase in health expenditure on diabetes, with the condition recognised as a priority by the Ministry of Health. IDF is a big family of member associations. Only combining our efforts we can achieve success and manage to change the current situation. People with diabetes must be seen as full members of society. “