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Podpolkovnik Kalitin street bl 20, Sofia, 1233, Bulgaria


The Bulgarian Diabetes Association (BAD) is the only nationally representative association for people with diabetes in the Republic of Bulgaria.

It was created in 1991 by a group of renowned Bulgarian endocrinologists, doctors and people with diabetes, under the leadership of prof. N. Colebinov, with the main goal to improve the way of life and medical care for people with diabetes in the country.

To achieve these goals, BAD regularly calls on government and state institutions to ensure the necessary conditions for up-to date treatment,  management and prevention of diabetes and its complications. The association also defends the rights and interests of people with diabetes.

BAD works in close co-operation with all patient organizations within the Confederation for Health protection, with the Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology, with medical doctor’s Diabetic Association, with the society of the Diabetic Nurses in Bulgaria and many Bulgarian and international organizations .

Main Focus

  • Defend the constitutional rights of people with diabetes in Bulgaria with the aim of gradually increasing the social benefits they can obtain.
  • Convince the Government of the health, social and financial benefits of providing conditions for effective prevention of type 2 diabetes through healthy lifestyles and ensuring regular screening of people under risk.
  • Ensure conditions for efficient, accessible, timely and advanced medical care, monitoring, training and control of diabetes and its complications.


Strengthen role of self-control, training and pro-activity of the patients during the medical care process and prevention from complications. Encourage voluntaries activity in this respect.

Organize on yearly basis programs for dietetic nutrition, free flu vaccine distribution and free training sessions for persons with diabetes from qualified medical care experts on various topics and aspects of the living with diabetes condition.

Work-out, print and distribute educational materials on different issues related to diabetes – manuals, brochures, leaflets, etc.

Organize discussions, press-conferences, round tables, training seminars on national, regional and international level for discussions on major problems related to diabetes and our proposals for their most efficient resolution.

Organize every year the initiative “November – the month of diabetes” on the occasion of the World diabetes day – 14th November.

Establish on country level several Regional Centers for Information and Consultation (RCIC). There people with diabetes from the region would ask questions, get trainings, receive check-ups and have access to consultation with provided by BAD medical experts – e.g. endocrinologists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, surgeons, nephrologists, dieticians and others.

We urge State institutions to adopt a long term national diabetes plan as well to elaborate a national diabetes register for the country.

Train each and every person with diabetes to maintain their blood glucose in optimal range! This is the most secure way to prevent them from all problems and complications from diabetes as well as will ensure their normal life!