Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology
Number of members
10 Dimitar Mollov Str, Sofia, Sofia, 1750, Bulgaria


The Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology was founded in 1958. Their main aims are

  • Continuous education of endocrinologists and young doctors specialising in endocrinology, GP specialists and endocrine patients
  • Organisation of screenings of endocrine diseases (diabetes, obesity, hypertension, dyslimidemia, thyroid, osteoporosis)
  • Development of Bulgarian guidelines on diabetes.

Main Focus

  • Educational programmes for healthcare professionals (schools of endocrinology, educational symposia)
  • Educational programmes for people with diabetes (media interviews in newspapers, radio, TV, and patients courses
  • Endrocrinology School


In the last five years our basal activities are:

  1. Annual Scientific Activity – Diabetes – a New Treatment Approach (2019), Symposium Endocrine Diseases and Pregnancy (2022), XII Congress of Endocrinology (2023), Symposium Endocrine Diseases and Kidney (2024)
  2. Endocrinology school for young endocrinologists (2022)
  3. Epidemiology of Diabetes in Pregnant Bulgarian Women (2019), Epidemiology of Diabetes in Bulgarian population (recent Project, March-April 2024).

Publications & Newsletters

Guideline on Diabetes of Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology (2019)
More than 10 publications in relation of Diabetes and Pregnancy

Message from the President

To work every day