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The Danish Diabetes Association has supported diabetics in Denmark since 1940. They have about 76,000 members and are one of the largest Associations of Patients in Denmark, headed by Chairman of Board Truels Schuelz and CEO Henrik Nedergaard. Since 1992 His Royal Highness, Prince Joachim has been the protector of the organization.

Main Focus

  • To prevent diabetes
  • Living well with diabetes
  • To cure/research in diabetes


Right from the start of the organization we have influenced the legislations made by Danish politicians. The Association has recently influenced the achievement of a national diabetes plan, which the Danish National Health Minister launched in 2003.

The Association stands up for people with diabetes. They have experts in politics and others that practice legal advice and counseling on the physical, social and psychological problems, which diabetics and their family members meet in their everyday life.

They develop and organize courses for their members, i.e. type 1-children and youngsters and their family, as well as experts who educate kitchen staff in hospitals and other institutions on nutrition.

Publications & Newsletters

They producetwo magazines. One, which has been titled various names, and now simply is called ”diabetes”, is targeted diabetics, their family members and people, who support the good cause. The other magazine is aimed at health care professionals.

They also produce booklets, patient care guidance’s, cookbooks and other publications that inform about the disease and contain well-grounded advices on life style matters such as nutrition, exercise etc.