Number of members
Islandsvegur 10 C, Torshavn, 100, Faroe Islands


The Faroese Diabetes Association was established in 1986 by Dr. Jógvan Róin (Endocrinologist) and others. The organization’s main purpose is to improve advisory services, treatment, and care for people with diabetes in the Faroe Islands.

All work in the association is voluntary. The association is governed by a board consisting of five individuals, along with a young person who collaborates closely with the board, focusing on topics relevant to the youth. We organize three to four events each year on current issues. We work closely with healthcare professionals and researchers in the field of diabetes in the Faroe Islands.



Main Focus

Our goal is to continually strive for the best possible conditions for individuals with diabetes. We actively engage with political systems, advocating for decisions that maximize benefits for people with diabetes. Our responsibility involves educating and raising awareness about diabetes within society.

Message from the President

Diabetesfelagið is constantly vigilant about the conditions for individuals with diabetes in the Faroe Islands. We strive to stay informed about developments in the field, including new technologies and treatment methods. We highly value our collaboration with Nordic organizations and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Even though we are a small organization, we are pleased to be considered an equal member in the collaborations.