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Näsilinnankatu 26, Tampere, 33900, Finland


Diabetesliitto (Finnish Diabetes Association) was founded 1955 and is a national non-governmental organization that, together with its local branches, provides direct support to people with diabetes and their families on different aspects of living with diabetes and endeavours to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes. Counselling and training courses for persons with diabetes are held around the year. Education and further training are also organized for healthcare professionals.

Main Focus

Diabetesliitto provides rehabilitation to people with diabetes and training for diabetes professionals, disseminates information about diabetes and contributes to the development of new approaches to diabetes care and patient education.


One of their main functions is to work for persons with diabetes in the society (policy advocacy). The association keeps an eye on legislative proposals and gives statements on issues concerning diabetes prevention and people with diabetes. They have invited Members of Parliament from every Parliamentary group to form a Diabetes Group in the Parliament of Finland.

Their local branches act locally making sure people with diabetes and diabetes prevention are taken into account in municipalities. They offer their members information, support and a wide range of activities (lectures, courses, events with experts, peer support, outing and travel opportunities).


Publications & Newsletters

  • Diabetes magazine (online periodical, 6 issues per year) for persons with diabetes and other people interested in diabetes.
  • Diabetes and Doctor (periodical, 5 issues per year) aimed at diabetes care professionals: mainly doctors and nurses but also dieticians, podiatrists, etc.
  • Inspis, an online magazine for young people with diabetes (12-25 yrs.).
  • Type 2 risk assessment tool that is widely used in many countries to¬† screen for type 2 diabetes.

Message from the President

The Finnish Diabetes Association is committed to strong international collaboration to beat diabetes. In this work, IDF has had and will have in future an important role. Therefore, the Finnish Diabetes Association is proudly working with IDF for a better future for people with diabetes to prevent diabetes.”