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National Center for Diabetes Research, 1 Chachava Street, Tbilisi, 0159, Georgia


Georgian Union of Diabetes and Endocrine Associations (previously Georgian Diabetes Federation) is a governmental, non-commercial, non-profit mixed – type organization that unites healthcare professionals, people with diabetes, their carers and lay persons.

The Union was founded in 1990, the founders were physicians, people with diabetes and a nurse. In 1991 it was officially registered. It was established on the basis of the Georgian Diabetes Center (now – National Center for Diabetes Research/NCDR). The Union was the first diabetes association from the former USSR to become an IDF Member.

Vision: All people with diabetes in Georgia should receive insulin and other antidiabetes drugs, tools for self-monitoring, education and care.

Mission: to defend the rights of all people with diabetes in Georgia and provide high quality diabetes care and education.

Today GUDEAS represents interests of 6950 of its members – people with diabetes, physicians, nurses and lay persons. Active work in the field of diabetes was initiated in 1988.

Main Focus

  • To unite people – health care professionals, people with diabetes, industry, decision makers
  • To improve the quality of life of those living with diabetes in Georgia
  • To improve the quality of diabetes care
  • To provide free essential treatments and tests to all people with diabetes
  • To provide education for people with diabetes
  • To train and retrain HCPs in diabetes
  • To increase public awareness on diabetes
  • To create diabetes platform to fight diabetes and other chronic diseases

Publications & Newsletters

Since 2003, the Union publishes “Diabetes and Health,” a magazine targeted people with diabetes, healthcare professionals and the general public.

Message from the President

To be a member of IDF gives unique opportunity to exchange skills, knowledge and idea, to get information. When united we are great power that can fight ignorance and burocracy – our mutual enemies“.