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Feszty Arpad u. 4 IV em. 15, Budapest, 1013, Hungary


Magyar Diabetes Társaság (Hungarian Diabetes Association) was established in 1970. The main purpose of the association is to raise the standards of diabetes care in Hungary.

To fulfil this mission the Hungarian Diabetes Association co-ordinates and supports the diabetes outpatient clinics, and offers regular refresher courses in order to increase the knowledge in the field of diabetology. Our association also assists in the research of various issues regarding diabetes and the related disorders in Hungary. The society is organized for health care professionals (doctors, nurses, dieticians etc.).

Main Focus

To raise the standards of diabetes care in Hungary


Care and Education

  • Accreditation of diabetes outpatient clinics
  • How to be a “qualified diabetologist by the Hungarian Diabetes Association”
  • Summer and winter camps for children and adolescents


  • Biannual conference
  • Postgraduate courses

Publications & Newsletters

The official journal of the Hungarian Diabetes Association is the “Diabetologia Hungarica”. It has been published quarterly since 1993. The main purpose of the journal is to publish the results of the Hungarian researchers and clinicians and to give brief overviews from international journals in Hungarian in the field of diabetology. In supplements the journal regularly publishes national guidelines for diabetes care.