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Associazione Italiana per la Difesa degli Interessi dei Diabetici (AID – Italian Association for the Defense of the Interests of People with Diabetes) is the oldest volunteer organization dedicated to the protection and care of people with diabetes in Italy. It was founded in 1952 by Professor Silvestro Silvestri, diabetologist and research chemist. Raffaele Scalpone, doctor and person living with diabetes, has been President of AID since 2007.

Main Focus

AID has always been very active in promoting information, education and support for people with diabetes, increasing awareness among health authorities and institutions. AID specifically aims to educate and inform people affected by diabetes and their families to improve their quality of life, both from a medical and social point of view.

AID has teamed up with Federanziani with the goal of creating a health registry for people with diabetes. The aim is to create a database with demographic and epidemiological information. The tool will help better protect the right to health of people with diabetes by promoting access to the best care, medical devices and more effective treatment protocols.

Message from the President

IDF is committed to improving global awareness of diabetes and promoting the treatment and prevention of diabetes. The same commitment is made by AID at the national level: to promote the treatment, prevention and search for a cure to diabetes globally. For these reasons, AID is a member of IDF.