Lithuanian Diabetes Association
Number of members
Gedimino Av 28 - 404, Vilnius, 01104, Lithuania


The Lithuanian Diabetes Association was founded on December 9 1989.The original aims of the LDA are to:

  • Provide mutual aid and assistance to all people with diabetes.
  • Promote the study, the spread of knowledge and the proper treatment of diabetes.
  • Remove all present limitations for people with diabetes in terms of their rights to labour, studies, insurance.

Main Focus

Information for public



  • The Lithuanian Diabetes Association plays a leading part in the implementation of the National Diabetes Programme.
  • Provides practical help and advice producing publications on all aspects of living with diabetes (Proper Diet is Health, Nutrition for Diabetics, Foot care, Insulin, etc.)
  • Publishes the newspaper “Diabetas” which keeps readers in touch with progress in medical care and research, association activities and the latest legislation affecting people with diabetes.
  • Organises various conferences, seminars, such as “Teaching of Diabetics – Necessity or Luxury”, “Diabetes Teaching and Care from A till Z”, etc.
  • Organises summer camps for Youth and adult
  • Helps to establish diabetes schools in different regions of Lithuania.
  • Organises World Diabetes Days activities with free blood glucose screenings.

Publications & Newsletters

Newspaper DIABETES

Message from the President

The main purpose of the Lithuanian Diabetes Association is to access better quality diabetes care in Lithuania.