Number of members
Sutazna 18, Bratislava, 82108, Slovakia


ZVAZ Diabetikov Slovenska is an association of people with diabetes, family members, friends and supporters, established in 1990.

Main Focus

  • To generate resources and human potential to help people with diabetes
  • To help those who are lost in laws and regulations
  • To improve health by means of education
  • To act as advocates for people with diabetes, defending their interests and rights


The main activities of ZVAZ are :

  • Summer camp for children and youth
  • Autumn camps for young people on insulin pumps
  • Autumn and spring camps for all types of diabetes
  • Annual festival of Diabetes in Banska Bystrica (November)
  • Annual Dia Day in different parts of Slovakia (June)
  • Health education, cooperation with Slovak Diabetes Society
  • Sport events

Message from the President

“As a member of IDF, we appreciate activities we can participate on, inspiring news and information we receive from IDF.”