Number of members
Arenavägen 45, 17 tr, Johanneshov, 121 77, Sweden


In May 1943 the National Association for diabetes was formed at the initiative of the local associations in Landskrona, Halmstad and Helsingborg. It was these three associations together with the newly formed association in Malmö that laid the foundation what the Svenska Diabetesforbundet is today.

The goal of the association is to minimise the impact of diabetes by:

  • Influencing politicians and decision makers
  • Distributing information about diabetes
  • Enabling meetings through local branches.

The association consist of around 24 000 members and has 96 local branches and 19 regional branches.

The local and regional branches work to influence diabetes-related issues and offer activities for their members.

Members between the ages of 15-30 have the opportunity to get involved in Young Diabetes, a part of the association that works to provide a community, information, inspiration and support for young people with diabetes.

Main Focus

All the activities of Svenska Diabetesforbundet emanate from their members and aim to make it easier to live with diabetes.

The Diabetes consultant is a project that aims to find ways to help children and parents feel safe at school.

As part of Diabetes Sweden (an umbrella organisation consisting of SDA and professionals), the Swedish Diabetes Association lobbies for the government to develop a national strategy for diabetes.


Every year their diabetes branches preform hundreds of activities for their members. The association initiates and carries out some of these activities.

One annual event is the World Diabetes Day which is usually very acknowledged and appreciated.

Message from the President

“In a time when diabetes is increasing dramatically, a strong voice for people with diabetes is more important than ever. The progress we see in society and research shows that our work is making a difference. Being a part of the international diabetes family is very important since diabetes does not stop at the border. Many decisions affecting people with diabetes are taken at a supranatural level, and member organizations can learn a lot from each other. Together we are making it easier to live with diabetes, and hopefully, one day diabetes will be terminated.”