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Diabetes and Endocrinological Association of Kyrgyzstan (DEAK) is a nationwide non-governmental organization working in field of Diabetes in Kyrgyzstan with regional branches all over the country, established in May 1998.
DAK is a Member Organization of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) since 2000 where it was accepted on 17th World Diabetes Congress in Mexico.

Main Focus

• To support and represent interests of diabetes patients and increase their quality of live
• To raise awareness in Kyrgyz community about increasing the problem of diabetes
To provide educational and research background in field of diabetes


DEAK holds every yearconferences and seminars for doctors – endocrinologists, and from the beginning of 2013 year they started special courses of postgraduate education in endocrinology for physicians.

They are working on the creation of our own website.

They organised a national screening of diabetes, which included more than 10,000 people from all regions of our country. During this research they found out nearly 5,2 % persons with primary diagnosed diabetes.

All patients with diabetes in Kyrgyzstan are provided with insulin, insulin syringes and devices for insulin administration free of charge by the program of state guarantees. The insulin is bought during tenders on the cash assets of the republic budget, and then distributed between patients. The agent of DEAK affiliates tender’s commission of the Health Ministry.

World Diabetes Day is a good tradition for Republic. It is celebrated annually since 1991.

Every year in this Day all people with risk factors of diabetes (obesity, age after 50, hypertension, bad heredity, birth of child with weight more than 4 kg, etc. ) may check there blood sugar free of charge. 

DEAK co-operates with German charitable organization «Kinderhilfe» since 1999 year. Due to this co-operation and multiple help all children and adolescents are provided with glucometers and test-stripes.

DEAK also organises annually different holidays and festivals for children and teenagers with diabetes: celebration of the New Year, International Children’s Day with many surprises and gifts, discotheques. They also hold excursions to the mountains at summer and winter time. Every year they try to spend some holidays with children with diabetes in summer camp.

In 2013 year they opened a kindergarten called “The little bee” for children with type 1 diabetes. There is diabetes school working every day especially for young patients.

Publications & Newsletters

This year DEAK printed their own guidelines in diabetes mellitus for specialists and booklets about diabetes for patients.
The association publishes every quarter an informational reporter “Diabetes.kg” for patients and doctors.

Message from the President

Ms Svetlana Mamutova "DEAK became a member of IDF in order to be in the diabetic community because together - we are stronger! And also in order to learn the experience of protection of the rights and promote the interests of patients with diabetes mellitus from other associations who know how to do it.

Joining to IDF has given us new opportunities for the organization of our work and has helped promote the adoption of the "Law of diabetes in Kyrgyz Republic". Due to IDF, we learn new things that happen in the world in the field of treatment and prevention of diabetes, our representatives taking part in the Congresses of IDF, raise their level, learn and communicate with colleagues, well-known scientists and leaders of the world anti-diabetic movement. Due to IDF, we have found partners, participating in competitions announced by IDF, we have won grants that have helped improve the capacity building of DEAK, implement training for doctors and patients."

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