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The Luxembourg Diabetes Association, Association Luxembourgeoise du Diabète (ALD), founded in 1979, is open to all those affected by diabetes association.

The goals of ALD are:
  • Advocacy for people with diabetes from an economic, social and cultural point of view
  • Information and education for people with diabetes and their families
  • Prevention and early detection of diabetes
  • Medical and social assistance for people with diabetes
  • In order to better achieve the goals it has set itself and improve its availability to those involved, the ALD established in 2003
  • La Maison du Diabète, a service affiliated with the Ministry of Health

Main Focus

  • Information Centre
  • Education programmes
  • Individual counselling by specialized nurse or dietician


ALD organises the following activities and services:

  • Educational programmes and information sessions in group 
  • Customised counselling provided by a nurse or dietician specialising in diabetes (also in Portuguese upon request) 
  • The ALD magazine which appears 4 times a year and contains news articles about diabetes, treatment, diet, physical activity, the life of the association... 
  • Documentation Centre, information brochures (food, sports, travel, school, pregnancy ...) 
  • Loan and exchange of defective equipment 
  • Conferences for the general, training for professionals 
  • Social and leisure activities 
  • Since 2006, ALD has had a special section for parents of children and adolescents with diabetes 

The objectives of the group of parents:

  • Share personal experiences (school, family, holidays and entourages ...) 
  • Organise activities to promote a dialogue between parents and children 
  • Meetings and educational activities in collaboration with the DECCP service of the paediatric clinic 
  • Advocate for children with public authorities (Health Fund, Ministry of Health, Family, Education ...) 
  • Promote information and awareness campaigns about diabetes 
  • Collection of funds for the organisation of social and educational activities for children with diabetes (sports Weekends, Sailing Camp, excursions ...) 
  • Project Support: Life for a Child in Mali (Programme of the International Diabetes Federation which supports children with diabetes in developing countries)

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