Pre-EASD Symposium 2017

20 March 2018

We’re happy to share with you the presentations (with audio tracks) from the 2017 Pre-EASD Symposium in Lisbon, where the theme was ‘Achieving improved compliance to diabetes care’. 


13.30 Opening – The issue of compliance (Dr Sehnaz Karadeniz) 

13.40 Session 1: Healthcare systems – what needs to be improved
CHAIR: Ms Stella de Sabata
▪ The Healthcare Professional’s perspective (Dr Nebojsa Lalic)
The Patients’ perspective (Ms Sandra Bršec Rolih)
▪ The decision-maker’s perspective (Portuguese MP / Representative from the Ministry of Health)
Q & A

14.40 Session 2: The Diabetes team – how to improve cohesion
CHAIR: Ms Vida Augustinienė
▪ The Healthcare Professional’s perspective (Dr Dario Rahelic)
▪ The Patients’ perspective (Ms Sophie Hindkjær)
Broadening the diabetes team in real life – the contribution of pharmacists and other allies (Dr Iryna Vlasenko)
Q & A

15.40 Session 3: How can Mobile Applications contribute to improving compliance CHAIR: Dr João Valente Nabais
The Healthcare Professional’s perspective (Dr David Klonoff)
The Patients’ perspective (Mr Kyle Jacques Rose)
Q & A

16.25 Panel discussion

16.50 Conclusion and take-home messages (Dr Niti Pall)

17.00 End / Network