High-Level Technical Summit on Diabetes: Accelerating action on diabetes

On November 28-29, IDF Europe, in collaboration with the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO Europe), organised a High-Level Technical Summit on Diabetes in Belgrade, Serbia. The Summit brought together WHO Europe, IDF Europe and representatives from Member States, and national diabetes associations as well as people living with diabetes (PwD) to elevate diabetes on the political agenda and accelerate action to deliver on existing commitments.

During the Summit, IDF Europe and WHO Europe co-signed a Declaration which urges governing bodies to deliver on existing commitments and goals on diabetes. The objectives of the Declaration are to promote improvements in the detection and diagnosis of diabetes and its complications as well as in the delivery of high-quality care and to ensure equal access to the right quality treatment at the right time and place for all people living with diabetes and those at risk across Europe.

Endorse the Declaration

The WHO Regional Office for Europe plays a crucial role in sharing knowledge, developing and shaping policy in the field of diabetes and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). IDF Europe participates in many WHO activities and is in official relations with WHO Europe through the IDF Global organization.

In its “United Action for Better Health” programme, WHO Europe has identified several priorities for action. Three of these are of specific interest to the diabetes community:

  1. Strengthening effective, accessible, resilient and innovative health systems to ensure universal access to affordable and quality health systems.
  2. Reducing the impact of NCDs with a focus on cancer through addressing risk factors (such as tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy diets), as well as the environ- mental determinants of NCDs and mental health conditions.
  3. Promoting sustainable food systems and health through improved food safety and supply, including the promotion of sustainable and healthy diets for all and the transition to sustainable food production.