About the prize:

In recent years, we have seen the emergence of a new type of communication around health issues where people directly affected by a disease become the focal point for the flow of information. Social media, including personal blogs and exchange platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. now play a major role in communicating health messages which, when conveying accurate information, can be a great source of inspiration and support. For people with diabetes, this usually translates into the provision of peer information mostly regarding daily self-management, patient empowerment and rights. The feelings of empathy, proximity and of being understood created by these channels are essential and demonstrate the success of such online platforms.

It takes time, dedication and talent to provide accurate, frequently updated and interesting information in a format that is of interest to the readers. IDF Europe would like to recognise this commitment by way of a Social Media Prize in Diabetes.

The award for social media is supported by a sponsorship from Eli Lilly and Company.


Find out about the winners of the IDF Europe Social Media Award over the past years:

In 2016, #dedoc, the international community by and for people with diabetes, won the IDF Europe Social Media Award.

Read the interview with Bastian Hauck, founder of #dedoc, here