ADJ Diabetes Brazil was founded in 1980 by parents of children and adolescents with diabetes who recognised that diabetes education can improve a child’s quality of life. As a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, ADJ focuses on raising awareness about diabetes and associated conditions. ADJ activities include providing health education to people with diabetes, their families and the public. Additionally, it advocates for social rights, trains health professionals and young leaders, and works toward better diabetes programmes and policies in Brazil.  

People with diabetes receive free services through the organisation, including podiatry, nutrition counselling, legal assistance, support groups and workshops. For those newly diagnosed with diabetes, ADJ provides guidance and support for diabetes management and maintaining overall well-being, emphasising healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and self-care routines. Furthermore, since 1980, ADJ has organised a yearly summer camp for children with diabetes to strengthen their diabetes management skills and increase their knowledge of the condition, while they build independence and form new relationships.  

ADJ Diabetes Brazil has been an International Diabetes Federation Member since 1999 with an active presence in the South and Central America region and globally. In Brazil, ADJ is a founding member and the secretariat of the Intersectoral Forum of NCCs/NCDs (ForumCCNTs). Globally, ADJ has developed programmes in partnership with the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), Rise Up Together, and Breakthrough T1D (formerly JDRF) to launch the T1D Index in Brazil. ADJ also attended the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) High-Level Meeting on NCDs in 2018 and spoke at the UNGA high-level meeting on Primary Health Care in 2023.