IDF is an umbrella organisation representing 240 national diabetes associations across 160 countries and territories. We aim to prevent and improve diabetes outcomes and support people living with diabetes. Our member associations include people with diabetes or at risk, healthcare providers, educators, research institutions, and the wider community.

At the heart of the diabetes community, IDF Members play a crucial role in shaping the activities of the Federation. With voting rights at IDF General Assemblies and Regional Council Meetings, each IDF Member actively contributes to the development of our strategy and direction.

Group photo of IDF member representatives

Five reasons to become an IDF Member

  1. Belong to a strong global community
  2. Network with peers from around the world
  3. Learn to become a powerful advocate for your organisation and region
  4. Access and share research and developments
  5. Impact research, industry and policy

Who can become an IDF Member?

Membership of IDF is open to any national or transnational association that promotes actions to prevent diabetes, improve diabetes outcomes and support the interests of people living with diabetes.

There are currently two membership categories:

  • Full Member: a non-governmental, not-for-profit association that actively addresses diabetes and related conditions in their country and is registered or established under their country’s national law.
  • A Transnational Member is a non-governmental, not-for-profit association actively concerned with diabetes and related conditions in more than one country.

A third membership category – Individual Member – will be available soon.

All applicants must fulfil specific criteria. There are Primary Criteria (minimum requirements for membership – if not met, the application will not succeed) and Secondary Criteria (desirable criteria which applicants would ideally meet).

Organisations applying for membership must meet the following Primary Criteria:

  • Be actively involved in diabetes care and prevention.
  • Be a not-for-profit organisation or federation of such organisations. A private sector, commercial or business organisation may not become an IDF Member.
  • Be legally registered for at least three years (a valid Registration Certificate must be provided). In cases where political changes preclude the candidate from providing the required documentation of legal registration for at least three years, the Board of Directors may, in exceptional circumstances, accept other proof of dedicated service for people with diabetes for three or more years.
  • Have a Constitution/Articles of Association (or equivalent).
  • Have a postal address.
  • Have a Board/Governing body.
  • Provide a most recent annual report, including a financial statement.
  • Prove financial capacity (solvent and capable of paying applicable membership fee).
  • Have a funding base that is ethically appropriate and aligned with IDF’s business and industry guidelines.
  • Have settled any previously unpaid fees and/or other obligations towards IDF.

In addition to the Primary Criteria listed above, organisations applying for IDF membership should also ideally meet the following Secondary Criteria:

  • Be a non-discriminatory entity.
  • Be nominated by an IDF Full Member from the same Region.
  • Have a work focus that enhances/complements that of any existing IDF Member in the same country and benefits members and people with or at risk of diabetes.

Before applying for association membership, please check the number of existing members in your country. There is a limit of five member organisations per country.

Interested in becoming an IDF member?

If your association/organisation is interested in applying for IDF Membership, please complete the form below, and we will get back to you with all the essential details. Please review the membership criteria listed above before submitting the form.

Membership enquiries from individuals or commercial/for-profit organisations will NOT be considered.