IDF Centres of Excellence (CoE) are designated clinical or research institutes that form part of a voluntary international network. They offer specialised care and support to people with diabetes, helping them manage their condition for better health outcomes.

These centres provide comprehensive services and multidisciplinary education, with a team of healthcare professionals that work together to provide coordinated care and education. Many CoEs also participate in research and clinical trials to develop new treatments and improve outcomes.

At IDF CoEs, people with diabetes can access advanced treatments and technologies, such as insulin pumps, glucose monitoring systems, and other devices. In addition, these centres offer psychosocial support services, like counselling and support groups, to help them cope with emotional and psychological challenges.

IDF has designated 22 Centres of Excellence in six regions. View information about the Centres below.

Information about two centres, currently not listed, will be added soon. They are:

  • Clinical Center of Serbia (Europe)
  • Health Horizon International Foundation (South and Central America)