The Chronic Care Center is a non-governmental, non-profit organization striving to lead specialized care for children with insulin-dependent diabetes and Thalassemia by providing excellent, comprehensive, and accessible services and research for Lebanon and the region.

The Center provides more than 2000 persons with insulin dependent diabetics with a high quality therapeutic surveillance, a strict medical follow-up and a regular psychosocial orientation under the supervision of a multidisciplinary team of specialized doctors, nurse educators, social workers, a dietitian and a psychologist. This unique approach empowers patients and their families to accept their chronic condition and learn how to deal with it. In addition, the Center provides patients with medication and material necessary for their regular treatment almost free of charge with a minimal patient contribution. In addition the Center puts at the disposal of patient a 24 hour hotline serviced by Diabetes nurse educators.

Keeping abreast with developments in clinical research, the Center also worked with great efforts to promote its preventive role. Through its educational programs and awareness campaigns, the Center aims to increase the understanding of diseases, reduce risks and complications and contribute in building up healthy generations. The number of registered Type 1 Diabetics reached 3261 at the end of 2022 including 152 new cases. The Center collaborates with the Ministry of health, scientific societies and other parties to promote awareness about the disease and contribute to its prevention through different initiatives.

Among the additional regular activities of the Center are yearly summer camps for teenagers, outings and activities for youngsters and adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes, activities for national young leaders group, group sessions for parents and patients, awareness and screening campaigns on Type 2 Diabetes, training for HCPs, celebration of WDD and others.

It is worth mentioning that Lebanon’s recent crisis affected the health care system, serious issues related to availability and affordability of products are faced by patients. The Center struggled to maintain continuous supply to patients and advocated for the importance of access to insulin and other vital products for PWD.