The celebration of the centenary of the discovery of insulin culminated in the adoption of a Resolution at the European Parliament in November 2022. To build on this momentous event and elevate diabetes on the political agenda across the entire European region, key diabetes stakeholders gathered in Belgrade, Serbia on November 28-29, at a High-Level Technical Summit co-organised by IDF Europe and WHO Europe. Together, we recalled the urgent need for accelerating action on commitments to improve diabetes detection and quality of care.

During the Summit, IDF Europe and WHO Europe co-signed a Declaration which urges governing bodies to deliver on existing commitments and goals on diabetes. The objectives of the Declaration are to promote improvements in the detection and diagnosis of diabetes and its complications as well as in the delivery of high-quality care and to ensure equal access to the right quality treatment at the right time and place for all people living with diabetes and those at risk across Europe.

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