Asociación Colombiana de Diabetes (ACD – Colombian Diabetes Association) was founded in 1954 as a NGO to provide comprehensive care to low income people with diabetes in Colombia.

Education was included as one of the cornerstones of the multifactorial care provided by our multidisciplinary team. Patients join the education programme which includes group and individual education sessions in parallel with the medical care. We attend around 7000 patients per year and have accumulated more than 70.000 medical records. The ACD education team includes Nurses, Dietitians, Psychologist, Diabetes educators and Podologist.

The ACD medical team includes Endocrinologists, Ophtalmologist and Podologist. The ACD has a foot clinic which is unique in our country and has become a training centre for physicians who want to work in this area. The ACD offers education in the comprehensive management of people with diabetes to health professionals, these courses collect all the experience of more than 65 years of care for people with diabetes and in accordance with the guidelines established by the international standards of diabetes education of the IDF and the most updated recommendations for diabetes care derived from evidence-based local and regional guidelines.

The ACD is a reference Centre and is recognized as a local and regional Centre of excellence for the treatment of diabetes and also as an academic and research Institution.