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Founded in 1980, Chinese Taipei Diabetes Association became a registered member of International Diabetes Federation in 1983 under the name of Chinese Taipei Diabetes Association (CTDA) and has played an active role in the global community of diabetic care. The Association currently claims 926 members with 570 diabetes specialists forming the majority and related educators, nutritionists, and nurses completing the entire membership.

The vision of the CTDA is to enhance the clinical ability of taking care patients, improve the diabetes care systems and organizations, and develop the research energy of diabetes in Taiwan. More importantly, we delegate to varied activities of diabetes prevention and education. And CTDA always gets involved with regional and international diabetes events with our greatest enthusiasm.

Main Focus

International Achievement: The Association always shows its greatest supports for IDF, IDF-WPR and other academic activities each year.

Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome Risk Score Test : a simple online test designed by Taiwan diabetes specialists to prevent and raise public awareness of diabetes/MS : launched in Nov. 2010, this website collects the latest news of diabetes from around the world, and provides information such as finding a diabetologist, e-Newsletters, diabetes topics, etc.

The Taiwan Declaration on Diabetes: The Association, with the contribution of Prof. Eberhard Standl, published the

Taiwan Declaration on Diabetes in July 2007.

Taiwan Diabetes Atlas 2000-2009 : to obtain nationwide data on the incidence and prevalence of diabetes mellitus in Taiwan, CTDA performed an analysis of the 2000 to 2009 claim data from the National Health Insurance (NHI).


The Association will organize the following activities for World Diabetes Day:

  • October- Press conference
  • Nov.2- Monument lighting, Chih-Kan Tower (formerly Fort Provintia), Tainan, Taiwan
  • Nov.3- Garden festival, Tainan, Taiwan
  • Nov.16- 2013 International Forum on Policy and Quality Management of Diabetes, Taipei, Taiwan

Publications & Newsletters

The Association, with contribution from scholars and experts across Taiwan, has developed and released three sets of guidelines from 2009 to 2012: (1) Postprandial Hyperglycemia Treatment Guideline 2012, (2) Caring Guideline on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease 2012, (3) Clinical Caring Guideline for Diabetes 2012.

To further enhance the health care of patients with diabetes through continuing education, the Association has sponsored CME totaling more than 50 events from 2009 to 2012.

The Association keeps updating the guidelines to follow the international trends.

CTDA regularly issues e-newsletters to members to advocate diabetes research and message deliver. CTDA together with the Endocrine Society host the publication of "Formosan Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism".

Message from the President

Professor Chien-Ning Huang MD, PhD: "Chinese Taipei Diabetes Association became a registered member of International Diabetes Federation in 1983 and has played an active role in the global community of diabetic care. CTDA has devoted itself in the UNWDD promotions and international academic meetings. We also keep good relationships with the IDF headquarter the other WP member associations. Through IDF, we can deliver our local diabetes situation to a worldwide level. Taiwanese doctors can have a more open vision as well."


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