IDF Advocacy activities show the power of collective action in driving meaningful change for diabetes care and prevention. Our efforts are central to raising awareness, shaping public opinion and influencing policies to tackle the growing prevalence of diabetes.

By engaging stakeholders at all levels and employing a multi-faceted approach, we can improve the lives of people living with diabetes and prevent the condition in those at risk.


collage of 20 IDF Blue Circle Voices

Become an IDF Blue Circle Voice

The IDF Blue Circle Voices is a network open to all people with diabetes and their carers. Its members are passionate about improving the lives of people with diabetes and supporting IDF’s mission.

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Young Leaders in Diabetes in Lisbon holding their country flags

Become an IDF Young Leader in Diabetes

The IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes provides young people with diabetes with continuous education throughout a two-year period to empower them and help them become efficient advocates for themselves and other people living with diabetes worldwide.

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