Education is an integral component of the diabetes management and care. All health professionals need access to proven, effective, professional education about diabetes. IDF diabetes education resources are designed to improve the profile of education and the expertise of diabetes educators and other health professionals.

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  • KiDS Educational guide on nutrition and diabetes in schools

    The KiDS and Diabetes in Schools educational guide has been developed as a complimentary resource to the KiDS and Diabetes Information Pack, published by the International Diabetes Federation in 2015. This guide is an awareness and information tool created to inform teachers, parents of children with diabetes as well as all parents and children of the important role of nutrition in the management and prevention of diabetes.

    Please read the KiDS and Diabetes in Schools educational guide's guidelines before downloading the guide.

    If you also wish to download the KiDS and Diabetes Information Pack, please click here.

  • Managing type 1 diabetes in children

    A series of wall charts on managing type 1 diabetes in children, developed by the IDF Life for a Child Programme and the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD). Topics available include: Blood glucose monitoring; Complications screening; Hypoglycaemia, Insulin treatment and Sick day management.

  • International Standards for Education of Diabetes Health Professionals

    The number of health professionals who demonstrate a solid understanding of the principles of diabetes care and education is inadequate to meet the needs of the growing number of people with or at risk for diabetes worldwide. The International Standards for Education of Diabetes Health Professionals (the International Standards) are intended for use by institutions that currently provide or wish to provide a health professional diabetes education programme.

  • KIDS Diabetes Information Pack

    The KiDS project is an education program designed for the following target groups: Teachers (grades 1-9); School nurses and school staff; School students (aged 6-14 years); Parents; Policy makers and Government officials.

    The KiDS information pack is divided in two sections: the first section is focused on type 1 diabetes and the needs of children in school, offering both guidelines for the management of children with diabetes and a sample diabetes management plan; the second section is focused on guidelines for a healthy lifestyle to prevent type 2 diabetes.

    Please read the KiDS information pack guidelines before downloading the pack.

    If you also wish to download the KiDS Educational guide on nutrition and diabetes in schools, please click here.

  • IDF Peer Leader Training Manual

    The International Diabetes Federation(IDF) recognises the urgent need to reach a great number of healthcare providers with the best diabetes education materials to promote improved daily diabetes management and care skills and prevent disabling complications. Innovative, appropriate educational tools are key to engage and motivate all learners and facilitate effective learning. To this effect, IDF has developed a Peer Leader Training Manual to train Peer Leaders (PL) to provide on-going diabetes self-management support(DSMS) as part of a larger study.

  • International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education

    The IDF Curriculum is designed  to meet the needs of local health professionals, institutions and organizations.It can be adapted to suit local contexts. It was originally developed in response to the need for health professionals to have specialized, evidenced-based training in diabetes education. A comprehensive curriculum is fundamental to the education of well prepared and clinically effective diabetes educators.

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