A new visual identity for the International Diabetes Federation

26 April 2023

IDF is delighted to reveal a new visual identity and logo, reinforcing our mission and vision.

Since 1950, the International Federation of Diabetes (IDF) has been leading the global diabetes community. With our network of members in over 160 countries and territories, we have demonstrated the power of collective action in driving meaningful change for diabetes care and prevention.

In December 2022, IDF approved a strategic plan that will guide the activities of the Federation until 2027. The plan is informed by a new vision of securing Access to affordable, quality diabetes care and education worldwide and a new mission to Improve the lives of people living with diabetes and prevent diabetes in those at risk.

IDF is revealing a new brand image at a crucial moment. With the rising impact of diabetes and its complications on healthcare systems and livelihoods, especially in low- and middle-income countries, our mission has never been more apparent. The number of people living with diabetes has more than tripled since 2000, from 151 million to 537 million people. If the trend persists, the number will jump to a staggering 783 million by 2045.

The need for international coordination and mobilisation has never been clearer. To continue fulfilling our mission effectively, IDF endeavours to promote action to prevent diabetes, improve diabetes outcomes and support the interests of people living with diabetes.

Collaboration is key to achieving our goals. Through joint efforts with our members, partners and allied organisations, we are raising awareness, shaping the global health agenda and influencing policies on public health measures to tackle the growing prevalence of diabetes worldwide. By galvanising stakeholders in our advocacy actions, we can improve the lives of people with diabetes and prevent the further rise of type 2 diabetes.

Together we are shaping a healthier future for all.

What our new visual identity includes:
  • An updated logo: The hummingbird, also called “The Bird of Hope,” was added to IDF’s visual identity in 1984. It represents intercontinental liaison, metabolic adaptation, energy and courage. The updated symbol is more dynamic and combines with the blue circle, the global symbol for diabetes introduced by IDF in 2006. The blue palette unifies these key brand elements and emphasises the colour of diabetes worldwide. The new logo is not intended to replace the blue circle, which will remain the global symbol for diabetes awareness and continue to be used by IDF in its activities and campaigns, most notably World Diabetes Day.
  • A revised color palette, inspired by the hummingbird’s iridescent colours, provides contrast for accessibility.
  • A new family of fonts, selected for their readability, personality and individuality.

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