Access to Diabetes Care: A Collaborative Effort by Sanofi and the Ministry of Health of Ghana

31 August 2023

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Sanofi, an IDF partner, launched the Access to Diabetes Care programme on 12 July in Accra.

Representatives from the Ministry of Health of Ghana, the World Health Organization (WHO) Ghana, the Diabetes Endocrine & Metabolic Society of Ghana (DEMSoG), Sanofi, IDF and community health workers attended the event marking the programme’s implementation. The event served as a platform to highlight the importance of collaborative efforts in improving access to diabetes care and preventing diabetes in those at risk.

Comprehensive diabetes management solutions

Within the scope of this programme, the IDF School of Diabetes will offer training to over 170 healthcare professionals in Ghana to enhance their skills through an online course targeted to diabetes educators. The course will equip healthcare professionals with the necessary knowledge and competencies to effectively educate people with diabetes, promote healthy lifestyles and support optimal diabetes control.

“How we managed diabetes five years ago isn’t how we manage diabetes now. If you don’t keep updating yourselves in diabetes care you will be using obsolete measures and obsolete tools to manage diabetes and so I’m happy that we are striving to educate our HCPs and build capacity in diabetes care,” Dr Yacoba Atiase, Director, National Diabetes Management and Research Centre (NDMRC), Ghana

Sanofi is strengthening its long-standing commitment to improving access to diabetes care in low- and middle-income countries and underserved communities worldwide through a series of innovative partnerships with healthcare authorities in countries where comprehensive care has not previously been widely available.

In April 2023, Sanofi signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Health, Ghana.

Under the MoU, the healthcare authorities in Ghana will be able to purchase affordable high-quality Sanofi analogue insulin products. The partnership also provides for the deployment of diabetes management solutions at diabetes centers in Accra, Sunyani and Tamale where 500 healthcare professionals will benefit from a targeted medical training program. In addition, Sanofi will co-develop a digital solution to help physicians, nurses, pharmacists and community healthcare workers better support more than 5,000 people living with diabetes in Ghana.

“Our objectives are to enhance awareness and promote early diabetes diagnosis. This will be achieved through better and more widely available training for healthcare professionals, but also via digital solutions that will improve diabetes management.”, Hon. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu Minister of Health, Ghana.

Addressing the Growing Diabetes Burden in Africa

Diabetes is a global health challenge, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. Access to comprehensive diabetes care has been limited in these regions, leaving many individuals without the necessary support and treatment.

The partnership between Sanofi and the Ministry of Health of Ghana is particularly significant due to the increasing prevalence of diabetes in Africa. The latest edition of the IDF Diabetes Atlas predicts a 129% rise in the number of people with diabetes in Africa, from 24 million to 55 million, by 2045. In Ghana, this number is expected to increase by 41%. Underdiagnosis is also a significant challenge, with an estimated 54% of people living with diabetes in Ghana remaining undiagnosed. The programme aims to address these issues by providing accessible care and raising awareness about diabetes.

In the MoU, signed in April this year, the country can also purchase affordable, high-quality Sanofi analogue insulin products for people with diabetes.

Collaborative Efforts for a Healthier Future

The collaboration between Sanofi and the Ministry of Health of Ghana represents a significant step towards improving access to diabetes care in low- and middle-income countries. Through providing affordable insulin products, training programmes for healthcare professionals, and developing digital solutions, this partnership aims to empower people with diabetes and enhance their quality of life. By addressing the growing burden of diabetes in Africa, Sanofi and the Ministry of Health of Ghana are demonstrating their commitment to making a lasting impact on global health.

The partnership in Ghana aligns with the affordable access pillar of Sanofi’s approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The CSR strategy is one of three major elements of the company’s multi-tiered approach to social impact. This also includes Sanofi Global Health, a non-profit unit aiming to increase access to healthcare in the lowest income countries, and Foundation S, the Sanofi collective dedicated to philanthropy.

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