ADA recognises Professor Kaushik Ramaiya with 2024 National Scientific and Health Care Achievement Award

14 March 2024

Professor Kaushik Ramaiya, a long-serving volunteer and former board member of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), has been awarded a prestigious American Diabetes Association (ADA) National Scientific and Health Care Achievement Award. He is the recipient of the 2024 Distinguished International Service in the Cause of Diabetes for his remarkable contributions to diabetes care and research.

Prof Ramaiya is recognised for his exceptional work in advancing diabetes care and research on an international scale. His contributions have impacted the lives of people with diabetes in Tanzania, sub-Saharan Africa, and beyond. Through his work, he has improved the understanding of diabetes management, advocated for better access to care and paved the way for more effective strategies to tackle the global diabetes pandemic. His research has highlighted the role of ethnic differences in diabetes care and outcomes, emphasising the need for tailored approaches that consider cultural, genetic and environmental factors.

Prof Ramaiya served IDF as Vice President (2006-2009) and Regional Chair Africa (2000-2006). As Regional Chair, he helped establish diabetes associations within Africa, implement training programmes on diabetes and its complications, and develop the first set of regional guidelines for managing type 2 diabetes. He was also instrumental in the production of the African Declaration on Diabetes, launched in 2006 at the IDF World Diabetes Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

The ADA National Scientific and Health Care Achievement Awards are presented annually to honour individuals who have made significant advancements in diabetes care and research. These awards recognise the efforts of academics, healthcare providers, and educators who have dedicated their careers to improving the lives of people with diabetes. The award recipients are selected based on their outstanding contributions and international impact in the field of diabetes.

The 2024 Awards ceremony will take place at the ADA’s 84th Scientific Sessions in June.

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