European Parliament adopts landmark diabetes resolution

28 November 2022

On November 23, the European Parliament adopted a motion for resolution on “Prevention, management and better care of diabetes in the EU on the occasion of World Diabetes Day“.

The Resolution calls on “The Commission and the Member States to demonstrate political commitment and set ambitious targets for reversing the rising trend in numbers of Europeans with diabetes, to reduce inequalities between EU citizens and improve the care and quality of life of people living with diabetes”.

If put into action, the resolution has the potential to contribute to better health outcomes for millions of EU citizens living with diabetes and other non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

“A coherent, efficient and strong European leadership is urgently needed to adequately fill the existing gap for research and policy action on diabetes and set a blueprint for a framework for action in the Member States. This will ultimately contribute to more resilient health systems and ensure the well-being of future generations,” commented Bastian Hauck, type 1 diabetes advocate and IDF Europe Board Member.

“This year is particularly important and symbolic. On the centenary of the discovery of insulin, 10 years after the first European Parliament Motion of Resolution on diabetes, we finally have the resolution that emphasizes the need for action. A lot needs to be done but this is definitely a very good start,” added Dr Niti Pall, IDF Europe Chair.

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