IDF and P&G Health continue their partnership  

10 January 2024

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is delighted to announce the continuation of our partnership with P&G Health until 2025. As an IDF Partner, P&G Health supports our vision of access to affordable, quality diabetes care and education worldwide.   

Through our partnership, P&G Health will support IDF to develop an online course on Diabetes and Nerve Health for the IDF School of Diabetes Understanding Diabetes Platform.   

The nervous system coordinates all actions of our body. Nerves allow us to touch and feel things, to move our muscles and to digest food. However, due to high glucose and blood pressure levels as well as other contributing factors, diabetes can cause nerve damage (neuropathy). In many cases, peripheral nerves are affected leading to symptoms in the extremities, particularly in the feet. However, with early diagnosis and comprehensive management, nerves can regenerate, and further complications be prevented.   

This course will be for people living with diabetes, those at risk, and their families and caregivers to help them better understand the nervous system, know the signs and symptoms of neuropathy, and provide better care. The launch is planned for late autumn 2024. 

P&G Health, the personal healthcare division of Procter & Gamble, is serving people around the globe with various healthcare products. In the Nerve Care franchise, P&G Health promotes early diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neuropathy in people with diabetes and other risk groups. However, awareness and education on the topic remains limited which is why IDF and P&G Health are joining forces to further promote diabetes care and improve the lives of people affected. 

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