IDF partners with ITN Productions Industry News on news-style programme to be launched on World Diabetes Day

04 August 2020

The International Diabetes Federation is collaborating with ITN Productions Industry News on a news-style programme – “Diabetes Matters” – to raise the profile of diabetes and unite voices in diabetes awareness for World Diabetes Day 2020 and beyond.

Today, one in eleven adults are estimated to be living with diabetes, approaching 465 million people worldwide. “Diabetes Matters” will provide essential information for those living with the different types of diabetes, review the impact of behavioral interventions in reducing the risk of developing the condition and explore the latest treatment methods for improving patient outcomes.

The programme will be anchored by an ITN Productions Industry News presenter and will cover key topics including the latest transformative technologies and treatments; advances in research, diagnosis and care; the importance of prevention of type 2 diabetes and self-management; the impact of diet and lifestyle, and the implications of COVID-19 on the clinically vulnerable.

“Through this programme, we hope to raise awareness of the need to prevent type 2 diabetes in those at high risk, improve diabetes care for the many millions living with diabetes and prevent or delay the onset of complications. We want to emphasise why diabetes must be kept front and centre of the global health agenda,” said Professor Andrew Boulton, President of IDF.

“For our World Diabetes Day campaign this November, IDF is highlighting the vital role nurses play in helping to prevent and manage diabetes. Nurses truly make the difference by supporting people who live with diabetes. They are well placed to detect the early signs of diabetes complications and help identify people at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. To ensure this support continues both in the short and long term, we are urging healthcare systems and governments worldwide to invest in hiring and training more nurses. We would like qualified nurses to be given more opportunities to specialise in diabetes care.”

“Diabetes Matters” will combine key industry interviews, news-style reports and sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations, thought-leaders, researchers and industry innovators. The programme will launch to a local and international audience on World Diabetes Day 2020 – 14 November.

“We’re delighted to be producing a programme that raises awareness of the health risks of diabetes and recognises the latest medical developments as well as celebrating the success stories,” said Elizabeth Fisher-Robins, Head of ITN Productions Industry News.

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