IDF welcomes Urgo Medical as new partner

03 March 2022

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is delighted to welcome Urgo Medical as a new partner to support the advocacy and awareness activities of the Federation.

Urgo Medical is an international wound care company that strongly believes working together to promote prevention, early identification, appropriate referral and the right care can make a difference in preventing foot ulcerations and their complications in people with diabetes.

Commenting on the new partnership, IDF President Prof. Andrew Boulton said: “Diabetes-related foot complications are common and, if not identified and addressed early, present a costly and significant threat to limbs and lives. With the number of people living with diabetes worldwide growing fast, the prevention, early detection and treatment of foot complications is vital to reduce the burden on individuals, economies and public health. Urgo Medical’s breakthrough treatment for neuroischaemic foot lesions has an important role to play in the management of those who develop foot ulcers. We are delighted to partner with Urgo Medical to promote better understanding and awareness of diabetes-related foot complications and improve the lives of people living with diabetes, particularly in low- and middle-income countries where the burden hits hardest.

“Urgo Medical is very proud to announce a new partnership with the International Diabetes Federation! We strongly believe that together we can make a difference in preventing foot ulcerations, their complications and ultimately, improve the lives of people with diabetes,” said Urgo Medical CEO Laurent Faugère in a video message announcing the partnership.

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