International Diabetes Federation WHA77 event highlights crucial role of well-being for people with diabetes

31 May 2024

On 28 May, IDF held a hybrid event in Geneva during the 77th World Health Assembly that highlighted the crucial role of well-being for people living with diabetes beyond access to quality and affordable care. The event, moderated by IDF President Prof Akhtar Hussain explored how the WHO Global Diabetes Compact can improve physical and mental well-being for people with diabetes and introduced IDF’s theme of diabetes and well-being for World Diabetes Day 2024-26.

A diverse panel, including people living with diabetes, institutional representatives, healthcare professionals, and philanthropic foundations, explored the different elements that positively contribute to well-being. These include daily diabetes self-management, engaging in regular physical activity, eating a healthy diet, overcoming barriers to social inclusion and establishing lifelong peer support networks.

One of the event highlights was the active participation of government representatives from Chile, Mauritius and Qatar, who shared their initiatives to support the physical, societal and mental well-being of their citizens with diabetes. At the core of the discussion was the role of diabetes associations and people living with diabetes play in overcoming barriers and promoting well-being.

Learn more about the event here.

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