New Understanding Diabetes Course on type 1 diabetes

01 December 2023

There are almost 9 million people living with type 1 diabetes around the world. They require daily insulin treatment, regular blood glucose monitoring and a healthy lifestyle to manage their condition effectively. 

The new free online course on the IDF School of Diabetes Understanding Diabetes platform, Type 1 diabetes: overview, treatments and targets, aims to help people better understand the condition and ways of managing it effectively. This 30-minute course is designed for people living with diabetes and their carers and covers 6 modules including: 

  • How type 1 diabetes develops 
  • The necessity of insulin 
  • The effects of illness, alcohol and physical activity on glucose levels.  
  • Strategies for glucose monitoring 
  • Identifying diabetes-related complications  
  • Understanding when additional support from a healthcare team is needed 

Upon completing the course, learners will have a thorough understanding of type 1 diabetes and the treatments and targets needed for effective management of the condition.  

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