Statement on WHO draft recommendations on obesity

28 January 2022

On January 27, the 150th session of the WHO Executive Board (24-29 January, 2022) discussed a report by the Director General on the political declaration of the third high-level meeting of the General Assembly on the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, which includes draft recommendations on obesity.

IDF, World Obesity, WCRF International and NCD Alliance released the following statement in relation to the draft recommendations:

World Obesity, WCRF International and the International Diabetes Federation, with support from NCD Alliance, welcome the development of the draft recommendations on obesity. We must now use these to support the development of a Global Action Plan on Obesity.

The fragmentation of actions and lack of prioritisation of obesity has hindered progress towards meeting all related WHO targets. Anything other than a fully integrated approach risks continued failure, more disability and death, and escalating social and economic consequences. These recommendations are an opportunity to ensure that the prevention and treatment of obesity is integrated within both the NCD response and across the WHO portfolio as a global health priority.

We urge Member States to:

  • request that WHO make obesity a strategic priority and develop a comprehensive Global Action Plan on Obesity;
  • support the adoption of the recommendations and the proposed targets at 75th WHA
  • request that WHO work with Member States to strengthen the reference to commercial and social determinants within the draft which, if not addressed, undermine our ability to achieve meaningful change.

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