IDF Blue Circle Talk to mark International Women's Day

27 February 2024

IDF is hosting a Blue Circle Talk, “Women as leaders of change”, to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March.

This online event will welcome women with diabetes with diverse life experiences, to celebrate the role of women as advocates in the global diabetes community and share stories of living with diabetes and its impact at each stage of life.

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According to the latest estimates from the IDF Diabetes Atlas, 260 million women were living with diabetes in 2021. They often face unique challenges in their daily lives, including healthcare disparities, workplace discrimination and social stigma.  These experiences position women as unique leaders of change for equitable and quality diabetes care and education.

In the world of diabetes advocacy and education, women are leading the charge for change. Their voices, passion, and determination have become instrumental in shaping policies, raising awareness, and improving the lives of people affected by diabetes. With their unique perspectives and expertise, women are making a significant impact in promoting diabetes prevention, management and care.

By educating healthcare professionals, employers and communities about diabetes and its impact on women’s lives, we can break down barriers and reduce discrimination. Increasing awareness can also dispel misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding the condition.

Join us on 8 March to learn more about the impact of diabetes on women’s health and the change women’s voices bring to diabetes care and prevention.

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