Dr Edrees
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Established in 2006, Dr. Khalid Edrees Specialized Medical Center has been offering specialised medical care for foot and ankle conditions for over 18 years. The center also supports specialties such as vascular surgery, orthopedics, and endocrinology.

The Dr. Khalid Edrees Center prides itself on providing healthcare services with a highly experienced and distinguished team of consultants and doctors. The centre employs skilled healthcare providers trained to the highest quality standards in their respective fields and is committed to offering state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch medical facilities, making it the foremost specialised diabetic foot care center in the region.

Mission: Providing the best specialised healthcare through a team of experts committed to delivering high-quality services, customer safety, and satisfaction to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Vision: Leadership in specialised healthcare with benchmark quality and a distinctive customer experience.


  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Compassion
  • Equality
  • Healthy Community