Siriraj Diabetes Education Program was launched officially in 1989, one year later, our medical team has organized first camp for type 1 diabetes. Since then, diabetes education program and patient education has been developed continuously.

Our office as a “Siriraj Diabetes Center” was opened officially on 2005. In 2016, Siriraj Diabetes Center has been considered by Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital to be one of the eleventh Center of Excellence (COE). Our faculty coordinates with multidisciplinary team to support our patients with diabetes in all aspects. With a special thanks to Ms Anne Belton (Vice-president at IDF from 2009-15) for her advice & support on program curriculum and workshop train the trainer.

We then establish “Certified Diabetes Educator Program”, which is the first CDE program in the country, accredited by Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital since 2017.

The renovation to “Siriraj Diabetes Center of Excellence” and one stop service of diabetes self-management education support and diabetes complication assessment unit successfully opened on 14th November 2018 and has been certified by IDF Center of excellence in diabetes care (2018 – now).

We highlight the concepts of (1) “Live a happy life despite diabetes” (2) “Well-being and Well-balance Diabetes.” Currently, We provide diabetes self-management education including knowledge, survival skills and necessary devices to our patients as well as one-stop service for diabetes complication screening. Patients can enjoy self-learning experience in the “healthy market corner” in our center which features food models with nutritional fact labels, medications, and diabetes technology devices.
Secondly, we conduct one-year hybrid learning of Siriraj Certified Diabetes Educator Program, post graduated for healthcare professionals which open for registration during May -June each year. 3 in 1 Diabetes School Camp for people with T1D, care giver and medical team also continue in every other year (Preechesuk L et al. J Diabetes Investig. 2020 Jul; 11(4): 1018–19).

Furthermore, we have developed educational materials that suit Thai people and also collaborate with national and international organizations involving in diabetes care, education and research. Everyone is welcome to visit our webpage.