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PO Box 925, PO Box 9200, 100 Maseru, Lesotho, 100, Lesotho


The Lesotho Diabetes Associatoin is a non-governmental organisation established to improve the quality of life of Basotho living with diabetes. It has 550 members and works together with the Ministry of Health.

Main Focus

  • Raising diabetes awareness in the community
  • Prevention and control of diabetes and hypertension
  • Community training on diabetes care
  • Mobilising funds from NGOs  and other stakeholders to support diabetes care
  • Working together with government
  • Establishing diabetes groups in districts for better diabetes management


  • Raising awareness through media and social network groups.
  • Disseminating diabetes messages though media and publications.
  • Organising trainings for people with diabetes to help them manage their condition.
  • Sharing information on social network groups and training diabetes members from districts.
  • Empowering people with diabetes.

Message from the President

Together we can fight diabetes to improve the quality of life of Basotho living with diabetes